SCD FALL 2020!! AGHHH!!!

AAHHHHH!!! THE HORROR! THE HORROR! We’ve been busy toiling in our darkened laboratories putting together our Fall 2020 volume (OUT OCT 26!) Our first ever Horror Special!

This issue is brimming with features like our indie horror film preview where we talk with the creators of ROT and LABRYS, striking pin-up art, and chilling original horror fiction like “Last Hallows Eve” and “The Dupe.” And Hitchcock fans, check out the first of an ongoing feature, Crash Course, where we deep dive a creator, beginning this issue with the Master of Suspense.

We talk with comics creator Justin Jordan about breaking into the industry, the creation of his self-owned stories and his experience between the panels with DC Comics. We also spill the tea with spiritualist, author and founder of Wonderella Press, Clint Marsh. And go behind the curtain with Pinch and Squeal, creators of the Wizbang! Circus.

I may be biased, but the art for this issue is really next level. Starting with the cover. Guys, gals, wait ‘til you see this front and back cover. I personally sought out artist Joe Nicodem. His work is going to blow you away. We have a ‘divine’ Illustrator Showcase with Hilary Zozula that is absolutely captivating. Contributions from Leyla Mitchell are next-level and Sam Lee and Ricky Longshaw pin-ups are as unique as they are intricate and rewarding.

Plus, the latest in indie poetry, comics strips, the Strange City Horoscope, and even more!    

Stay tuned here for more updates as well come closer to our release date. And we’ll be dropping sneak peeks into some of the art and images within the issue as we get closer to its release. You can also check us out on IG and FB @strangecitydigest

If you want to help, the best way is absolutely free, just share the word and invite someone else to the Strange City; all are welcome!

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