SHIFTER | SCD: Spring 2021 [FILM]

Shifter is a time travel movie unique among the genre, an increasingly challenging feat for such a popular premise. The film, directed and written by Jacob Leighton Burns, is a fascinating character study that is strengthened by a stunning performance by Nicole Fancher. SCD talked with Burns and producer Vinnie Hogan about the filming, writing, and the motivations that drive the film.

You can read the full interview in our current SCD issue available via this link or clicking the “Purchase SCD” tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.

You can watch Shifter on most VOD services. You can follow the film and the creators and cast on IG @shiftermovie @jacobleightonburns @planetthunderfilms @nicoleafanch

Also, thanks to our sidebar contributor Rick Horchy; Twitter: @RHorchy

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