“We Got It Covered” An SCD Cover Gallery

Strange City Digest is always proud to showcase our contributing artists, and that includes the amazing creators who have graced our covers to date. Check out the gallery and let us know which one you love most!

To pick up the full issue these covers appeared on just click the “Purchase SCD” tab at the top of the page!

And check back tomorrow when post our Back Cover Gallery!

Strange City Digest: Spring 2020

Cover Artist: Adam Dodd

Strange City Digest: Summer 2020

Cover Artist: Kasumi

Strange City Digest: Fall 2020

Cover Artist: Zobra Zowani

Strange City Digest: Winter/Spring 202(0/1)

Cover Artist: Willem Oliveria

Strange City Digest: Spring 2021

Cover Artists: Mandem

Strange City Digest: Summer 2021

Cover Artist: Dan Lydersen

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