SCD Fall 2021 Cover Preview

October 25 is the day!

Cover premiere of our upcoming issue with art from the amazing @yonil who also has a supersized art showcase within.

We also have a @pvmt84 showcase and essay by the artist on the power of symbolism in art and society

@corymcabee1961 visits the City to talk about making #theamericanastronaut#stingraysam#thebillynayershow his new project #smallstarseminar and #deepastronomyandtheromanticsciences oh, and his plan to send up to #mars

We talk with Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb about the potential for #alien life, his new book #extraterrestrial and, just what is #oumuamua?

@mothmeister gives us a tour around the world with their amazing post mortem fairy tale photography showcase

Mike Phillips debuts his new comic #thetessellation with an extended preview and commentary

And new original fiction “Made for Stars” by @adamdodd_scd

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