Strange City Digest Fall 2021 is here!

We’re super excited to premiere our latest issue and showcase the amazing creators and artists involved. Click here to order your own print copy.

Stay tuned here for previews and articles featured in the issue. And check out this issue’s Creators Index to learn who is in the issue and where you can follow them. And as always, welcome to the City.

Featured in this issue:

Artist Showcase and Essay on the power of symbolism in art and society by Pavement 1984

Supersized Artist Showcase and covers by YONIL

Post Mortem Fairy Tale Photography Showcase by Mothmeister

Interview with Harvard Astrophysicist and Author Avi Loeb on the possibility of extraterrestrial life

Filmmaker and musician Cory McAbee talks about his career in indie film and music, his new projects and his plans to send us to Mars to save Earth with the Red Planet Planning Commission

Giant-sized Comics Preview of The Tessellation by Mike Phillips

Original Fiction “Made For Stars” follows Captain Elizbeth Strands as she travels where no human has gone before, or has she?

Also, art by Misha Burahov and Sam Lee

This issue, and previous volumes of SCD are also available on our PURCHASE SCD tab.

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