The City Welcomes… Misha Buharov & Sam Lee [ART]

One of the most rewarding aspects of creating SCD has been the connections made among fellow creators, chief among them are a pair of artists that have contributed multiple pieces across several issues, Sam Lee and Misha Buharov. We can’t thank them enough for their support, and we’re excited to announce that you’ll be seeing more of them in the future! Misha will be our opening and closing page artist, bookending every issue. And Sam Lee is responsible for wonderfully inventive double page spread art that graces out table of content pages.

You can follow Misha on IG @firgapolis You can check out more of Sam Lee’s amazingly creative vistas (and I recommend you do!) on reddit @digglemuffins and on

“Tell” by Sam Lee

The Last Arrival | SCD: Spring 2021 [Comics]

The Last Arrival, written by Daniel Prim, with art by Gergely Szabo, Szabrina Maharita, Toben Racicot is a science fiction odyssey that plays upon the legacy of civilization, comics, and a spirit of wonder shared not only among humans. The art is wildly fun and deserves to be seen in color to be fully appreciated. We’re looking forward to see where this tale takes off! You can check out more at

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DRONE NODE | SCD: Spring 2021 [MUSIC]

We had a great talk with an ambitious composer Pedro Kebbe. A creator of ambient sounds that pave sonic streams to sci-fi vistas and surreal moodscapes. His latest single “We Already Are Cyber Punk” is available on most streaming services and on the artist’s IG: @dronenodeofficial

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SHIFTER | SCD: Spring 2021 [FILM]

Shifter is a time travel movie unique among the genre, an increasingly challenging feat for such a popular premise. The film, directed and written by Jacob Leighton Burns, is a fascinating character study that is strengthened by a stunning performance by Nicole Fancher. SCD talked with Burns and producer Vinnie Hogan about the filming, writing, and the motivations that drive the film.

You can read the full interview in our current SCD issue available via this link or clicking the “Purchase SCD” tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.

You can watch Shifter on most VOD services. You can follow the film and the creators and cast on IG @shiftermovie @jacobleightonburns @planetthunderfilms @nicoleafanch

Also, thanks to our sidebar contributor Rick Horchy; Twitter: @RHorchy

“CTPAX IS FEAR” Nemo Soda | SCD: Spring 2021 [Artist Showcase]

We are excited (and a little freaked, in a good way) to showcase the amazing talent of Nemo Soda. Her delicately intense art balances horror with child-like wonder. Check out her full showcase in our current issue available now by clicking here or by clicking the “Purchase SCD” tab in our menu bar at the top of the page

Be sure to follow Nemo Soda on Instagram at

“SEER” -Carlos Abad | SCD: Spring 2021 [Artist Showcase]

An artist with an eye for the metaphysical, Carlos Abad delivers captivating and surreal vistas that force introspection upon the audience. We are thrilled to feature him in our recent issue. Be sure to visit him on IG @carlosthebarloswarlos_

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GRAVE | SCD: Spring 2021 [music]

Had a great talk with post-punk no-wave musicians Dave Sebille and Greg Smith from the band GRAVE. one of the acts to debut during the pandemic era, GRAVE is already producing a litany of sounds as they prepare for live performances. Check out their sounds on Spotify and follow them on IG: @gravetheband

And pick up the latest issue of SCD to read the full interview in print by clicking this link or following the ‘purchase’ SCD’ tab on the menu bar at the top of the page!

(thanks to Rick Horchy for side bar contributions)

“Everything is Super” | SCD: Spring 2021 [Comic]

Super thrilled to showcase “Everything Is Super” written and illustrated by Captain Rottsteak (IG: @rottsteak) I just loved the punk rock ethos of this series style and verve. This is a rare example of decontstructionism done right in comics. Be sure to check out the full preview and interview with the creator in the latest issue of SCD available via this link, or just click the ‘purchase SCD’ tab on the menu bar at the top of the page!

Drag Life | SCD: Spring 2021 [FEATURE]

The City was privileged to welcome four wonderfully fascinating talents from the alternative drag scene in order to talk everything from stagecraft, inspiration, creative and psychological insights, as well as what it really feels like to to take the stage once the curtains part. Our thanks to Dusty Bucket, Kim Katarja, Dakota Cox, Pineapple, and Black Mass for arranging the conversation. Be sure to follow them via links in the article!

You can read the full article and check out the rest of the full issue via this link! Or just click on our ‘purchase scd’ tab on the menu bar!