SLEEPING WHEEL | The debut novel by A.D. Dodd. A surreal and psychologically taut metafiction that strikes at the heart of modern living; satirizing the inane and exploring the existential while weaving a truly one-of-a-kind story. (More description below)

An inspired dose of dark comedy and engrossing plot, available for order everywhere- CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

A cryptic warning awakens an unexpected level of perception in reporter, Aiden Grant, placing him on a collision course with an invasive consciousness afflicting the minds of those living in the small town of Sleeping Wheel; compelling them to maintain their quiet, suburban status quo- no matter the cost.

To rescue his neighbors and ensure his own survival, Grant will contend against assassination attempts, firebombings, and harrowing psychological phantasmagoria as he delves deeper into the hole at the center of his own existence.

Before he can unravel the true nature of Sleeping Wheel, he must first come face to face with the dark secrets of his own origin…

A. D. Dodd delivers gripping noir Americana through the fractured lens of suburban living. A biting metafiction striking closer to home than you’ll ever suspect.