SCD Fall 2021 [Preview]


A taste of things to come. Our opening pages for the upcoming issue which is a Space Age Special!

Featuring the creator of films The American Astronaut and Stingray Sam and lead singer of the Billy Nayer Show, Cory Mcabee talks about his upcoming film and music and his plan to send us to Mars to save Earth.

We also talk to astrophysicist Avi Loeb on the potential for extraterrestrial life and his new book of the same title. Original fiction “Made for Stars” by Adam Dodd.

Also, cover art and extended showcase by the amazing YONIL. An art gallery and essay on symbolism in art and society by Pavement 1984. A stunning “post mortem fairy tale” showcase by the unique Mothmeister. And fascinating comic preview for The Tessellation and commentary by writer Mike Phillips.

Featured art in this post by Misha Burahov, Sam Lee, and YONIL.

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